Newcastle’s Lili Crane returns with new slice of dynamic indie with ‘Lemonade’

Lili Crane is back with her sophomore single release for 2021 in ‘Lemonade’ – a song that further positions the young songwriter as one to watch.

Her style of storytelling dynamic, her lyricism relatable and open, Lili has been endearing herself to fans since 2019 and as she continues to find and express her individuality as an artist, the music she is producing right now is her strongest step forward yet.

The idea for ‘Lemonade’ first came together for Crane over New Year’s, after a conversation at a house party kicked off a thought process that eventually led the songwriter to put her feelings into new music: her favourite composition to date.

“‘Lemonade’ stemmed from a conversation I had with this guy on a driveway at 1am on New Year’s Night, after all the midnight celebrations. He was talking to me about how he feels like he’s just going through the motions in life and doesn’t really have any purpose.

It got me thinking about our creativity, imaginations and endless limitations that we have as children that very quickly get shut down by societal pressure and expectation as we get older. So many live to work and just survive through life because they don’t feel like they are worthy of what they truly desire.”
Lili Crane

After recording at her home in Newcastle, Crane took ‘Lemonade’ to Hazy Cosmic Studios where Gareth Hudson (Briggs, Amy Vee) mixed the single. From there, ‘Lemonade’ was mastered by Joseph Carra (Courtney Barnett, Kate Miller-Heidke), putting the final touches on a creative process that has taken Crane some time to navigate.

“After re-recording and deleting things for months because I couldn’t figure out what direction I was going in (also going through hectic emotions because I was getting frustrated with how slowly things were coming together), I finally created something that sounded, to me, like it could go places. The process literally flew from there!”
Lili Crane