The Settlement go deeper upon their return with striking new single, ‘Wasted’

Rejuvenated and inspired by new creative influences and vision, The Settlement are back with some sparkling new sounds in ‘Wasted’. As the band’s first piece of new music since 2019, ‘Wasted’ is a fitting reintroduction to the group, as it is a perfect jump off point for newcomers to the name.

The Settlement’s brand of alt-folk and rock music has long made them favourites with live crowds in both the Australian and international markets and here, we can hear that taste for powerful rhythms, impactful lyrics and unique charm return.

And yet, there is something refreshed and contemporary about ‘Wasted’ – a great example for The Settlement to lead with as they prepare to release more music down the line.

With the band split between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne throughout 2020, getting together to actually get together for consistent sessions or perform became an obstacle. In terms of the latter, the option was eliminated completely. And still, The Settlement were able to take the time to recompose themselves and refigure their moves as a band; moves that would bring them forward into a new chapter as a unit.

“On a whole we feel very good about the direction our music is heading. We did a bit of flipping and reversing over the last 12 months, which in the end landed us creatively well. Very happy to finally be releasing new tunes.

“It’s been challenging with half the band in regional Vic and the other in metro Melbourne. We’ve learnt quickly never to take the blessing of being in a band for granted, forcing us to really use the time we get together well. We’re primed and can’t wait to keep releasing new music.”
The Settlement

For the single’s official music video, The Settlement with videographer Gareth Harrison to bring the narrative of the track to life on screen. With the action taking place in the band’s hometown, the ‘Wasted’ music video is emotional and doesn’t shy away from translating the depth of the lyrics to the screen.

“We’ve been seeing Gareth’s work of late and really dig it. There’s also an old Ballarat connection with our drummer so we thought we would hit him up and give him full reigns on writing/directing/editing a film clip for ‘Wasted’. It was shot in a day in the band’s birth town of Hamilton, Victoria. For us, Gareth nailed a beautifully honest portrayal of heartache and internal reflection.”
The Settlement