Hollow Coves release moving visuals for their latest single ‘Hello’

Inspired by the way people have navigated their way through heady and uncertain periods of lockdown around the country, Brisbane’s Hollow Coves have used their latest single ‘Hello’ as a way to offer listeners some lightness in the dark.

 In sharing the song’s official music video this week, the indie folk duo take stories they’ve heard from those who have had to experience hotel quarantine and isolation over the past year and present a narrative that fits the emotional journey of the song itself. Capturing a wide variety of emotions in the clip, Hollow Coves inject a sense of spirit and optimism into the ‘Hello’ clip, indicating that even though times may be rough, we can still find a way to make the most of it.

The single, taken from Hollow Coves’ recently released Blessings EP, is one of Hollow Coves’ finest examples of the duo’s songwriting and creative dynamic to date.

Directed by Jordy Merry, the ‘Hello’ music video takes place within the confines of a motel, going through the stages of being on your own with only four walls and limited items to keep you company. It was important for Hollow Coves to get the emotional impact right, while keeping the song’s relatability in check.

“The music video for ‘Hello’ was inspired after hearing stories about some of the strange things that people had been doing during hotel quarantine/lockdowns. The song was written during COVID lockdowns so we thought it would be fun to try and capture the full range of emotions that people might experience during these moments of isolation.”
Hollow Coves

It also plays into the wider narrative of the Blessings EP, with the end of the music video signalling that it takes place within the same universe as the forthcoming ‘Blessings’ single music video (out August 13th).

“I feel like that is something that a lot of people might be able to relate to after recent times. We wanted to show how these moments can be incredibly bleak but you can choose to make the most out of them. Matt also made his acting debut in this one. The video ends with a knock on the door and the sound of a child laughing. This is a subtle link to the music video for ‘Blessings’.”
Hollow Coves

The release of the Blessings EP earlier this year also came with the announcement of more live shows for Hollow Coves in Australia and Europe (2022). Though initially hampered by COVID restrictions, Hollow Coves have been able to confirm newly rescheduled headline dates in Sydney and Melbourne this October and November. They will also be supporting The Paper Kites nationally in 2021.

To date, Hollow Coves maintain a strong following; with 2.1 million monthly listeners and over 250+ million streams on Spotify, as well as over 100 million views and 300k subscribers on YouTube. Having broken into the U.S. market, largely thanks to their song ‘The Woods’ landing a lucrative sync deal on CBS drama Scorpion, Hollow Coves have been capitalising on this momentum with the continued release of striking music.


Tickets available through www.hollowcoves.com

October 28th The Factory Theatre Sydney (rescheduled)
November 6th The Corner Hotel Melbourne (rescheduled)


Tickets Here

August 13th State Theatre Sydney 
August 20th Her Majesty’s Theatre Perth 
August 21st Norwood Concert Hall Adelaide 
August 27th Princess Theatre Brisbane 
September 2nd The Palais Melbourne 


Tickets available through www.hollowcoves.com

May 12th Alte Feuerwache Manheim, Germany
May 15th Kulturfabrik Kofmehl Solothurn, Switzerland
May 16th Konzerthaus Schüür Luzern, Switzerland
May 20th Grelle Forelle Vienna, Austria
May 21st Kulturák Klub Bratislava, Slovakia
May 24th Alter Schlachthof Dresden, Germany
May 26th Hydrozagadka Warsaw, Poland
May 31st TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, Netherland
June 2nd Skaters Palace Münster, Germany
June 6th Ancienne Belgique, AB Box Brussels, Belgium
June 7th La Maroquinerie Paris, France
June 9th Electric Brixton London, UK