Sydney indie pop group Loretta return with new single ‘Late Night’

Loretta are back with their second release for the year in ‘Late Night’. Another pop burner, the latest from the piece comes heavy with the melodies, catchy vocals and bright production.

It’s a real treat for fans who have been following the band since their early days, while also standing strong as a fresh injection of pop music for newcomers to the fold.

Following on from ‘left u on read’ back in March, ‘Late Night’ revolves around that hectic feeling people get when they have that first emotional connection with someone new.

Set against the sort of production acts like The 1975 and Pinkish Blu thrive on, ‘Late Night is a solid bop while demonstrating the band’s strong dynamic as songwriters and performers.

First coming together as a band in 2018, Loretta enjoyed success early on with their debut song ‘Come Over’, which clocked over 500,000 worldwide streams. Continuing to develop their sound in the years since, Loretta has become a great force to come out of the East Coast.