Goodbye, 2020!

Dear 2020,

You have been an unpredictable beast in many ways. You’ve tested the music and arts community time and time again this year and yet, we’ve come through it all hopeful and excited for what’s still to come!

It has been a year of building and evolution for Beehive PR. Even though COVID-19 forced us to re-evaluate, regroup and navigate our way through a whole wave of unexpected happenings, we have been behind some of our most favourite projects to date.

The Music

2020 has been a great year for incredible music of all emotions. Moving music, emotive music, angry music, happy music, strong music. It has been a year for everything!

From the genre bending year KINGSWOOD have had, to the stage-setting releases from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, we are so proud to be a very small part of some incredible releases this year. 

The Support

Seeing the industry come together and support each other. The music industry truly is a wonderful place, it was very heartwarming to see everyone reaching out to each other, checking in and seeing how everyone was doing and how they could help. 

New Ventures

This year, Beehive PR launched its sports publicity arm – Beehive Sport. It has been a goal of ours for some time to venture into the field of sports (surf, snow, skate), and to see it become a reality has been a strong highlight of 2020.

Although COVID has been a wild ride, we’re so grateful for the opportunity it provided us with the extra time to launch Beehive Sport. We’ve been so excited to work with Barton Lynch, Vahine Fierro, Mahina Maeda and expand our horizons!

2021 is already promising to be a standout year for the Hive, and we can’t wait to get started again in January. So 2020, though you’ve been a hard one, we have found that resilience is something great we have discovered as a result.

Bring on the New Year!