Sydney’s Inklines make a strong impact with new EP Book Club

Introducing fans to new music earlier this month in ‘Let You Down’, Sydney alt-indie group Inklines follow things up with their brand new EP, Book Club.

A collection of seven new songs forms this new chapter for the band, exploring themes of growing up, relationships and the changing elements of life we all navigate as a result of experiences lived through and learned from.

A culmination of more musical influences coming together, songwriting chops being pushed further and a band dynamic continuing to strengthen, Inklines’ new EP is some of their most charged up material yet.

Working with Lachlan West (The Vines, Walk The Moon) once again on production, mixing and mastering, Inklines brought Book Club together in Sydney’s Housefox Studios. 90’s rock influences meet strong indie songwriting chops that anchors the music very much in the now, as Inklines blend catchy vocals with as impactful guitar and rhythm lines.

From EP opener ‘All I Wanted’, listeners get wind that Inklines are delving into lyrical territory that, in its evocative delivery, showcases the band at their most dynamic.

As the record rolls through moments of music that swivel from the likes of Wavves to Catfish and The Bottlemen in influence (‘Too Much’, ‘Better’)Book Club proves to be a captivating listen for long time fans and newcomers alike.

The music is uplifting and earnest in the same way as their previously released material but as Inklines continue to look ahead to the day where they can be back on stages bringing their new music to life, Book Club has an added weight of hope about it. This is a record primed for the live realm – one where the band has clearly thrived in over the last three years.

Hailing from the Northern Beaches, Inklines have been able to take the energy of their live shows around the country in recent years, cutting their teeth on stages alongside the likes of British India and in a headline capacity off the back of their 2018 EP Willing & Able.

Attracting international attention with heavy rotation from SiriusXM in North America and Canada landing with ‘Too Much’, Inklines are taking each win as a level up, as well as a teachable moment for the band. 

The music comes first and with it, the development of Inklines as a strong group. The trio have remained committed in their love for their own sound but as they’ve explained, they’re consistently pushing themselves to bring the best out of their artistry.