All The Colours release their much anticipated third studio album Vol. 3

Celebrating the months and months of writing and recording, not to mention live shows that have brought them to this point, Melbourne’s All The Colours now release their new album, Vol. 3.

Music that has been honed and developed over countless jams and studio sessions, the album is a great representation of the direction the trio are heading in as this new decade gets underway.

The final result is a 12-track strong collection of heavy riffs, songwriting that shifts between the melancholic and fantastic, and a strong dynamic between this band of musicians that has been 20 years in the making. 

Previously released singles ‘Waste’, ‘Trigger’, ‘Why So Sorry?’ and ‘Tear It Down’ each landed with impacts of their own throughout 2019. Listening to them as part of Vol. 3 as a whole, it’s easy to see how they fit into the broader picture All The Colours have painted.

It is a picture that comes with heavier shades (‘Doom Song’, ‘Exorcism’), and unique swagger (‘Cool Life’, ‘You Know I Don’t’). “The music was an expression of our love for 90s alt-rock. We dived deep into the riff pool and came up with as many variations as possible, trying to find something fresh.” Josh Moriarty

Between them, All The Colours have a wealth of experience to pull from. Years of live performance and writing in different projects have brought them together in creating this frenetic fusion of rock music. Launching into this new chapter of the band’s story, All The Colours are anticipating their biggest yet. 

To celebrate the release of Vol. 3, All The Colours will be performing two east coast shows in Melbourne and Sydney this February and March. Not to be missed, the gigs offer fans the opportunity to see the band unleash their new music in some intimate settings and hear just how much the live element has worked its way into the new music. 



Saturday, February 29th Bendigo Hotel Melbourne
with The Crookeds, F & The Js, Purple Jesus and Lemon Daze

Saturday, March 14th Frankie’s Pizza Sydney
with Witching Hour, Foxton Kings
Free Entry