Sydney ‘psych-junk’ masters WAWAWOW return strong with ‘The Big Cookoff’ from new album, Pink Elephant

They don’t come much more energetic than Sydney’s WAWAWOW – their name alone is like a neon slap to the senses – and to kick off a brand new year, the four-piece present a brand new collection of music in the cracking debut album, PINK ELEPHANT, out Friday, February 14th. Warping and threading psych, funk and hectic electro-indie influences throughout, the record is the perfect snapshot of the band’s attitude toward creating music. Leading the charge, WAWAWOW’s new single ‘The Big Cookoff’ is delightfully bonkers – just how they like it.

Equal parts mental and ridiculously precise in delivery, ‘The Big Cookoff’ is textbook WAWAWOW. Evolving from jam sessions into produced recordings full of raw energy, the single is representative of a band who are firmly in the pocket, firmly tongue in cheek and firmly with their eye on a central vision on making music delivered in one-two punch style. “We always take it as a more-is-more approach with the music. As long as it’s paced nicely, we like to see how ridiculous it can get.” WAWAWOW


With their new music ready and raring to go, fans will be able to catch WAWAWOW performing through NSW this month and in February. Time to join this crazy circus, WAWAWOW have got one helluva new show to deliver. “There’s something about the trance we put ourselves in, as we play without stopping, that has a slight tunnel vision effect. There’s no pauses to have a sip or fix up a pedal, so you kind of learn to exist on that plane.” WAWAWOW


Saturday, January 18th Botany View Hotel Sydney
Single Launch
with BALKO, Mesmeriser

Monday, January 27th Town Hall Hotel Sydney
Putting Out: An RFS Fundraiser
with On The Stoop, Mr Bamboo, Scruffamudda, DWEEB CITY, Alice Terry, Maxine Kauter Band, Rita B, Josh Shipton and The Blue Eyed Ravens and Suburban Bukowskis 

Saturday, February 1st Sneaky Possum Sydney
RF-Fest with Hiaground, Florange and BALKO

Friday, February 7th The Loft @ UTS Sydney
The Band’s Next Door 2SER
with Stressless

Saturday, February 15th Dicey Riley’s Hotel Wollongong
Album Launch

Saturday, February 22nd Town Hall Hotel Newtown
Album Launch
with Pyjama Sundayz, Cakewalk