Vast Hill double down on synth-driven goodness with new single, ‘Oblivion’ from forthcoming debut album ‘More Than You Imagined’

The return of Sydney lush dreamscape makers

Returning to further romance and intoxicate with their dreamy sounds, Sydney’s Vast Hill release a new single in ‘Oblivion’. It’s the second strong release from the duo in a short amount of time, with ‘Oblivion’ coming in hot off the back of their popular debut, ‘Heartbreaker’, earlier this year. Set to feature on their debut album, More Than You Imagined‘Oblivion’ is a song that dives deep into relationship woes and personal struggle.

Priding themselves on textured and dynamic sounds that nod back to the nostalgia of ‘80s synth-pop, yet keeps things very much in the now with punchy modern production, Vast Hill prove they’re not just your flash in the pan indie-electronic act.

Colourful and Evocative Heartbreakers

Working with Michael Chow (FROYO) Luke Million and Steve Smart on production, mixing and mastering not only meant that Vast Hill were in the company of legends, but it also added an extra level of strength to ‘Oblivion’ that has made the end result so much fun to sink one’s teeth into.

More Than You Imagined due out October 19 is set to be traipse through the colourful and evocative, as Elle Kress and Adin Milo navigate their way through tales of heartache, yearning and the ebbs and flows of love. ‘Oblivion’ is a perfect example of this lyrical sensibility.

The music video for ‘Oblivion’, shrouded in red and pink lights, seems taken directly out of an ‘80s rom com. Glimmering, dramatic and soft-edged, Vast Hill hit up Goros Karaoke Bar in Surry Hillsas Chow directed them through each scene.

“We really love Japanese stuff – the movies, the style, the food – so we wanted to do a kinda homage by having us as strangers in Japan. Kinda like Lost In Translation, hence why we went for a karaoke bar. We also wanted to do the video in slow motion from start to finish to convey that dreamy atmosphere, similar to the song.” Vast Hill