Sunshine & Disco Faith Choir stage epic Melbourne club show this March!

For a club experience guaranteed to take you to another plane of existence, let Sunshine & Disco Faith Choir welcome you into the fold.

As the brainchild of Melbourne’s DJ Sunshine, Disco Faith Choir exists to entertain. They exist to bewilder and exists to blend genres in a fusion of house, techno and live vocals, provided by a 15 piece choir. A musical experience unlike any other, Sunshine &Disco Faith Choir have been bringing fun and chaos to rooms around Australia.

Sunshine cut her teeth on Melbourne’s club circuit, winning sold out rooms of fans at Revolver, The Night Cat (where she laid down four consecutive nights) and The Prince of Wales. Where the Disco Faith Choir comes in, is in elevating the strong platform Sunshine has already laid down musically, and turning each show into a unique night for each audience involved.

“It’s so exciting working with a such a talent bunch of singers and hearing them bring the songs alive at the shows with their voices.”

More than just an avenue for Sunshine to push herself creatively, her work with the Disco Faith Choir has allowed her to create her own club environment that is untouchable. Her career has already taken her around Australia and overseas, though with the Disco Faith Choir, Sunshine is bringing a whole new flavour to the club legacy she has been building for years. 

For hometown fans, there’s a special Melbourne show on the cards. This is your opportunity to be swept up and away with music tailored and delivered to captivate and uplift. Mass starts promptly from 10pm. Come to the good house and be enriched.


Sunday March 10th 170 Russell Melbourne

With DJs Spacey, Orchestrated, Kids Table

10pm Show