The Florets revel in the sun-drenched indie-garage sounds of new single ‘Just Coast’

Continuing to come into their own in 2018, Melbourne band The Florets emerge with a brand new single, in the breezy ‘Just Coast’! Perfect for long summer days and nights ahead, The Florets flow through with ease on ‘Just Coast’, pairing distinctive vocals with woozy, hypnotic arrangement.

Led by songwriter and vocalist Nick Dawes, the stamp The Florets put down on record here is a strong one. Premiering online with Pilerats, ‘Just Coast’ may indicate a kicked-back, chilled discourse but make no mistake, the way this band delivers their music is dynamic and immersive.

“The lyrics for this single will always sit pretty close to my heart. ‘Just Coast’ sums up my struggle with the necessity for everything to align before pursuing them, making excuses for every dream before acting. This is the first project I have ever sung for and the lyrics to this track are about just going for it, even if it turns out sounding rubbish.” Nick Dawes

Laying ‘Just Coast’ down in Melbourne out of Marthouse Studios, The Florets were able to further explore how they wanted their band’s ‘sound’ to be presented.

Out of those sessions, we’ve seen the band emerge as a tighter, more cohesive unit and with their new single, the band brings a rejuvenated approach to their craft to the fore. 

“Originally, Marthouse Studios was based in an artist driven warehouse, consisting of on site tattooists, creative writers, painters, poets and musicians. Unfortunately like a lot of DIY spaces within Australian cities, they are torn down for high rise apartments and other money making schemes. We couldn’t have put this record together without the support and advice from Marthouse Records. They welcomed us into their family and helped shape our sound.” 
The Florets

The Florets’ debut single ‘Sleep’ was released in July, led by driving bass and guitar melodies that complemented Dawes’ rich vocals. This richness has carried over into ‘Just Coast’ too, with the band consistently building upon the strong foundations they laid down only a few months ago.

The Florets are anticipating the final months of 2018 to be busy ones, as they continue to work away on new music and the development of more shows into the New Year.