Any Girl releases smooth & melancholic anthem ‘Meet You Again’

Returning with her 6th and final single off of her debut album, ANY GIRL has saved the best for last, with the sultry, melancholic heater ‘Meet You Again’ out now.

Alongside its release, she has also announced the title & release date of her debut album; ‘It’s A Shame The World Is Ending Cause I’m Ready To Live Now’, set for a Wednesday, April 24th release date.

‘Meet You Again’ began life in a similar way to previous single ‘Talk About You’, meeting acclaimed Sydney producer Chelsea Warner (Ula, Tasman Keith, Kwame) at KLP’s Ricochet Songwriting Camp. Post-camp, she flew to Sydney to write with Chelsea at Universal Music’s studios.

Opening up old wounds, the track started life as a more up-tempo number, before producer Jesse Pattison came onboard & slowed it down with the old school R&B beat heard today.

“Meet You Again” is a melancholic anthem for the ‘slow burn break-up’ – I think it’s something we can all relate to – that relationship that slowly declines from this all-consuming love, to just two people who are now only holding each other back. I wanted to put a twist on the ‘I wish I’d never met you’ narrative – because the truth is I don’t regret meeting my ex – I just regret the way things ended.

When a long term relationship ends, you don’t just lose your partner – you also lose your best friend. And I couldn’t help but think ‘If I could go back in time to that party when we first met, maybe I’d walk away. Maybe I could’ve chosen friendship instead, to avoid the future pain of our break-up.’


Since debuting her new work as Any Girl, audiences have been loving the direction Reija Lee has been exploring.

As Any Girl, she has performed well-received shows at the likes of WAMfest and Scarbs Beach Party on the West Coast, while continuing to build the sphere of influence she has generated with her previous work, which has landed her on stages with the likes of Crooked ColoursLuke Million and more.

With the industry acclaim pouring in from the likes of triple jTriple J UnearthedFBi RadioRTRFM; as well as support from both Spotify and Apple Music, Any Girl returns in 2024 ready to keep striving forward.