Donna Amini returns with blistering new single, ‘Suburban Surf’

‘Suburban Surf’, the new single from Donna Amini, charges forward from the onset. A powerful definition of her artistry that has continued to flourish with strength into 2019. With the release of her dominating single ‘Big Machine’ being added to rotation across Double J, Triple J Unearthed and 2SER, Triple J play by Declan Byrne and Richard Kingsmill, as well as a sold out launch show in Sydney, Amini laid solid groundwork for more new music to come.

Now with ‘Suburban Surf’, Amini returns with a new sense of rawness layered over her work. A songwriter with honesty and emotion worn brilliantly on her sleeve, Amini’s ‘Suburban Surf’ is more guitar-heavy than the laidback title may suggest.

“The song ‘Suburban Surf’ was built up from sounds rather than meaning.”

Vocally, Amini shines, with gnarl simmering beneath a soaring rock tone that evokes the likes of Adalita, Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle.

“The song ‘Suburban Surf’ was built up from sounds rather than meaning. The lyrics began as improvised words and scatting during early jams, which I later translated into lyrics. While I won’t say the lyrics have no meaning for me, I’m more interested in leaving space for a listeners’ interpretation. For example, we played a gig recently where the organiser thought the word “Surf” was spelled “Serf”. This gave a great spin to the meaning of the song; which in truth is not entirely at odds with my intentions.”  Donna Amini

Using Sydney city as the canvas in bringing ‘Suburban Surf’ to life, filmmaker Brett Chan created a visual accompaniment to an already striking piece of music. Featuring professional skateboarder Dean Palmer and drummer Nick Collerson, the ‘Suburban Surf’ video takes things to the streets, instead of the waves.

Taking it to the streets

I always imagined the accompanying film clip to be a skate video. Our drummer, Nick Collerson, is a skateboarder. So in the end we roped in his friend, Dean Palmer, who’s a professional skateboarder, and filmed them skating one afternoon from Kings Cross to Pyrmont. The video clip is essentially about a journey. In this case it’s two skaters travelling through the landscape of Sydney city.” Donna Amini

‘Suburban Surf’ marks an exciting point in her creative journey, not simply another example of Amini’s clear songwriting talent, but another step into a pool of intrigue that will leave fans wanting to find out, and hear, more.

As her first release for 2019, Donna Amini gears up for more shows, releases and sharing of music that has come from the soul. Representative of the dynamic force she harnesses as her artistic growth continues to reveal itself. A hometown show in May will be the next installment of this story, with Amini launching ‘Suburban Surf’ at The Chippo Hotel in Sydney.



Friday 24th May The Chippo Hotel Sydney
Special Guests TBC