Forces & Fury align strong with new single, ‘Stormy Weather’!

Pulsating rhythms meet strong vocal melodies.

‘Stormy Weather’ is the perfect introduction to exciting new duo, Forces & Fury. The new project of Astrid Holz and Kat Ayala of Rackett fame, Forces & Fury is the culmination of a shared desire to explore the textured sonic soundscape of alternative electronica and rock music.

The duo’s talent and musicianship has been proven through years of touring and shaking up of live venues around the country with Rackett. A band that has prided itself of producing unabashed raw music with weight behind it.

Featuring Rackett frontwoman Rebecca Callander on guest vocals, ‘Stormy Weather’ builds in intrigue. The darkness simmering beneath the surface of this music bursts through with each chorus, demonstrating the musicians’ deft playing with sonic tone.

The origins of ‘Stormy Weather’ stretch back to 2015, born out of sessions in the Philippines, before being brought back to Australia. For Forces & Fury, maintaining the perfect balance of lyricism, instrumentation and production was key.

Kat and Astrid’s foray into a slightly different lane with Forces & Fury still encapsulates energetic and wickedly intelligent approach to songwriting and production, with a new creative door unlocked.

Further exploring the themes of an already provocative and image-heavy single, Forces & Fury linked up with Erin and Justin Latimer to bring their ideas to life in a visual capacity. The official music video for ‘Stormy Weather’ may have been conceptualised out of a rather simplistic idea, yet the end result is something much more nuanced and captivating.

“As ‘Stormy Weather’ contains imagery of rough oceans and incessant rain, we saw it only fitting to use water as the main feature in the video. We had a simple idea that Erin and Justin brought to life in a beautiful and engaging way. We wanted the music video to stand as its own piece of art, not just the accompanying vision for our track. We’re incredibly proud of the result.” Forces & Fury

‘Stormy Weather’ is just the beginning of a journey, ready to be navigated.