Aurelia and Deutsch Duke saddle up on new single, ‘Battleground II’

Processed with MOLDIV

Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield for a collaboration that sounds like the slow-mo cinematic soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic Pulp Fiction…

In a world seemingly obsessed with building walls, ‘Battleground II’ seeks to break them down. A futuristically nostalgic record filled with visceral emotional grit, a remedial call to unity.

Having worked together on a bunch of projects for other artists, ‘Battleground II’ was a rare creative moment for the two artists to eschew the usually necessary restraints of an intended creative direction and just create from a platform of unbridled inspiration.

When asked about the inspiration for the track, Aurelia recalls, “There was a lot of crazy things going on in the world at the time, there still are I guess, and we just felt really compelled to write about how it’s so common to be living in fight mode and how desperately we need to choose peace and kindness”.

Deutsch Duke highlights his method in the production process saying, ”I really try and let the essence of a song speak to me about how it needs to sound, and this track just spoke so loudly and clearly that the production for it just sort of feels like it made itself”.

With the kind of musical chemistry that is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush,’Battleground II’ is a sonic creation that lives at the intersection where genius meets heart and the war is waged for all to hear.