KEZRA makes a strong, evocative return with new single ‘MISSING YOU’

Opening with delicate heartfelt vocals, KEZRA immediately pulls the listener back into her world of dreamy, lush musical builds, progression and crescendos.

Building beautifully on the foundations laid on her impressive debut single ‘Better Place’, the Melbourne artist marks a solid return with the unveiling of her sophomore release, ‘Missing You’.

2018 has proven to be a phenomenal one for Kezra, who was quick to strike with not only a flourished debut single, but an impressive stage presence that was quick to make industry and fans turns heads.

Clocking almost 50,000 Spotify streams and added to rotation on Triple J Unearthed, ‘Better Place’ reached a huge audience in Australia and abroad, where the single placed on independent radio stations in London, and features on US label compilation Heard Well Electronic Volume 1.

Having sold out her single launch, supported breakthrough Aussie artist G Flip on her sold out Australian tour this year, as well as stepping onto the stage at AAMI Park as part of this year’s NRL finals entertainment program, Kezra’s sound and style is one that is becoming noticed by many – ‘Missing You’ is the natural next step.

A song intrinsically linked to the experience of making and releasing ‘Better Place’ into the world earlier this year, ‘Missing You’ sees Kezra confronting feelings of sadness, mourning and ultimately, contentment. Linking back up with Mark Zito (Fractures) on production, Kezra continues to forge her own path in the local indie community, while her ambitious strides on record have this young artist positioned for a vibrant year of new music ahead.

‘Missing You’ gets personal.

Putting pen to paper in April, Kezra recalls the initial ideas sprouting forth for ‘Missing You’, which then turned into a process of becoming aware of one’s own emotions, and coming to some key realisations, particularly when it came to the loss of a loved one.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘I wish my grandmother could have been here to see this all happen. In June 2017 she passed away from cancer; I was very close with her, she was the best, kindest human I’d ever met. Even though I did feel sad at the time while writing this song, I don’t believe it’s a sad song. I think, more than anything, it’s like that light that’s shining through my window. A reminder that it’s okay to still feel someone, miss someone; even though they aren’t there anymore.” KEZRA

‘Missing You’, while further exploring the thriving creative partnership between Kezra and Zito, also saw Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) come on board to record vocals, while noted engineerAndre Eremin (Matt Corby, Chet Faker) took the reins on mixing and mastering.

The end result is a song that bursts with light and floats at its own layered pace.

“This would have to be one of my most personal and vulnerable songs I have released and I’m so happy to share a little bit of my heart and soul with you.” KEZRA