Donna Amini returns with the crushing ‘Big Machine’

The return of Donna Amini.

Two years on from the release of her debut album Night Underground, seasoned Sydney musician Donna Amini has returned with a crushing new sound in ‘Big Machine’.

Pitching gorgeous yet brutal guitars against building percussion and penetrating vocals, Amini leads from the front with confidence and a refreshing sense of self.

“The songs off the upcoming album are raw and direct, they lead with feeling. They’re guitar-heavy and have a punk sensibility.”

Taken from her forthcoming new album, Amini has dealt a heavy and impactful blow with ‘Big Machine’ – it’s just the re-entry to the local music scene the songwriter had wanted.

“[Big Machine is] built around the idea of the city with a hypnotic machine-like beat. The grinding roar of the guitars and fragmented words, like too many street signs.” 

The listener can hear the pride surging through each note and as she prepares to experience ‘Big Machine’ flourish in the live arena, Amini revels in the opportunity to further thrive with new sounds at play.